Rhein-Galerie, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Solutions for building control systems

Place / Country:Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
Building type:Shopping mall
Solutions:CI System Ventilation Flap M
CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
Building automation / CI Control Technology
Pneumatic upstroke opener (tandem drives)
Heat insulation glazing
Efficiency:32% energy saving
Uw=1,3 W/(m²K) vs. Uw=1,9 W(m²K) as per German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2009

330 metres long, this two-storey shopping mall is provided with plenty of natural daylight thanks to several elliptic glass structures with a total surface of 2,900 m² along the length of its gallery. This results in lower power requirements for electric lighting, which, in turn, considerably reduces CO2 emissions into the environment.

  • Integrated flap systems for SHEV function and natural ventilation; light transmission tested to EN 12207 (Class 4), watertightness as per EN 12208 (Class E1200), resistance under wind load as per EN 12210 (Class C4/B5)
  • Thermally separated, extruded aluminium sections
  • Conceptual design and installation of control devices
  • Control process automation for SHEV and ventilation functions
  • Connected to building control technology via Modbus connection